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Hungarian early music groups and artists

Corvina Consort

The vocal and instrumental ensemble Corvina Consort seeks to present to the modern audience the music of the past ages. The ensemble's repertoire spans five centuries of vocal and instrumental sacred and secular music. The members of Corvina Consort are young musicians who perform extensively in Hungary and abroad, also with other early music ensembles, and have contributed to many a radio, television broadcast and CD recording.

Chorus Ars Nova Secunda

The A:N:S Chorus was founded by János Bali in 1993 with the aim of performing large-scale polyphonic works of the 15th century. The main focus of the group's music-making is to explore the achievements of the greatest Renaissance composers, and to date they have given performances of works by Ockeghem, Obrecht, Brumel and Agricola. They give only a few concerts a year, each of which is preceded by a painstaking analysis of the source material and some 15 or 20 rehearsals. Since 1998, in keeping with the practice of the time, the group has comprised only male voices.

Bourdon Trio

The ensemble gets its name from the Bourdon style, a representative musical style of the middle ages. In the Bourdon style the use of accompanying or Bourdon strings first appears. In this manner the bagpipe, the hurdy gurdy, and the zither are capable of sounding the tonic to accompany the music and add color, but they do not use the accompanying chords which appear only later in art music. They use many other interesting instruments in the course of their performances like pastor's flute / whistle, hurdy gurdy, koboz, lute, oud, gemshorn, kaval, folk shawm, shawm, crumhorn.

Kónya István lutist

Renaissance and baroque lutes, archlute, chitarrone
Studied in Holland, at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Toyohiko Satoh in 1989-1996. There, he obtained his solo and chamber lute diplomas. His activities as a soloist, accompanist and chamber musician have taken him all over Europe.

Massaino Consort

The Massaino Consort was founded in 1994 by students of the faculty of Early Music of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Szeged, Hungary. Their programme features works by masters of early music with special attention to pieces of lesser-known composers. Most of the Consort’s repertoire consists of dance music, but church music and love songs of the age are also preferably played by the group. Their programme includes Hungarian compositions, and Italian, German, Spanish, English masterpieces.

Sonora Hungarica Consort

The Sonora Hungarica Consort was founded in 1992 by three musicians, who play on historical instruments. Their repertoire consists of chamber music from the period of early music - Renaissance and Baroque. The 'core' of the consort is a trio: recorder, harpsichord or organ and viola da gamba, which is often completed with singers and other instruments used in early music. Thus they become able to perform smaller oratorios and orchestral pieces (cantatas, concertos etc.).

St. Christopher Old Music Orchestra

The group was organised by teachers and students of the Art School of Nádasdy Kálmán in the XXII. District of Budapest to search and also play historical music. The point of interest in the assembly of the instruments is that they are playing not only the well-known medieval instruments (blockflöte, crumhorn, turkish pipe, chalumean, cornetto, trombone, nature-trumpet, slide-trumpet, Renaissance bagpipe, psalterium, lute, lyre, bells, tromba-marina, harp, drums and other percussion), but also some copies of rare ancient instruments (turtle-shaped lyre, littuus, tuba, shaman-pipe, sistrum, shell-horn, panpipe). In their presentation they play the water-organ which was made up according to the original in the Museum of Aquincum.


The artistic-educational activity of the Sárosi-Rajnai married couple complete that of each other from many respect. They play music with their students: by the help of their special instrumental-vocal combinations they give their students the delightful experience of making music together which lets them find pleasure even in the beginnings of their musical studies. She and he carry out their pedagogical and musical duties in excellent and fruitful cooperation. As performing artists their repertoire comprises a wide range of vocal and instrumental pieces from the different styles of European music.

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